She is a year old and swims like a professional .. video

The video showed moments that are almost unbelievable for a one-year-old girl who demonstrates her exceptional swimming skills, the British Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

The little girl, Cassia, was very pleasant, rolling on her back and belly every now and then and moving her feet and arms in the swimming pool in Florida, alone and without anyone’s help.

Grace Vanelli, the mother of Cassia, said she urged her children to go to the swimming pool at an early age so that they would gain confidence in themselves and learn to swim too.

After reviewing her swimming skills, Cassia managed to reach the stairs leading easily out of the basin and stood on the edge smiling.

Grace said her eldest daughter, who is now 3 years old, mastered swimming at just nine months and advised mothers to start teaching their children to swim when they were six months old.

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