ships Discovered in the middle of Sinai desert !!

An Egyptian archaeological expedition discovered ships in the heart of the desert in North Sinai Province, which contains an exciting story.

The Egyptian antiquities ministry, in a statement published on its Facebook page, said the latest archaeological discovery was discovered in a “Abu Saifi” Hill in al-Qantara, north of the Sinai, as part of a limestone building relic.

The researchers discovered that the building was used as a ship repair shop, dating back to the Ptolemaic and Roman era.
The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mustafa Wazir, said that the ships were in an ancient city, known as “Sylla”, dating back to the Roman era.

“The workshop had two separate dry basins, equipped for the repair and construction of ships, including a rectangular building, and the width of the basin is about 6 meters.”

الكشف عن ورشة بناء وإصلاح المراكب والسفن بتل آثار أبوصيفي – شمال سيناءتمكنت البعثة الآثرية المصرية العاملة بتل آثار…

Posted by ‎Ministry of Antiquities وزارة الآثار‎ on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nadia Khader, head of the central administration for the effects of a nautical face, said that the ships and the workshop were not in the sea, but were moving in the Nile River.

She added: “The function of the port, workshop and ships ended, after the River Nile branch dried, which was passing south of the Abu Saifi hill during those times.”

“The archaeological mission also found traces of decaying timber inside the large basin in the form of layers, which seemed to have been used to repair the vessels, especially as it was beside it nails in different forms and sizes of bronze and iron.”

Hisham Hussein, director general of the Sinai Antiquities, confirms the theory of Nile River access to the Sinai, saying, “The archaeological mission also found traces of the bones of the Nile fish, which were famous for its presence in the river of antiquity during ancient times, as well as the large quantities of local pottery known to the upper reaches of that period.”

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