Shock for Huawei Users after the new update

Dozens of users of the “Huawei ” phones in Hong Kong were shocked by the disruption of their devices, after automatic updating of the operating system.

The “Asia Times” newspaper reported that the users rushed to the customer service centers of China’s giant technology company to seek assistance on their mobile phone failures.

All users complained that the devices did not work, regardless of their phone type.
Francis Fung, honorary president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Consortium, said the situation is odd because it includes a variety of “Huawei ” models.

Fong expressed his belief that it should not be a matter of “Google”, because the ban on “Huawei ” had access to the operating system and brought updates.

“Huawei ” Users were advised not to put the device on automatic updating, so that the company discovers the causes of the problems and solve them.

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