Simple home solutions to get rid of dandruff permanently

While there are two types of dandruff, one of which appears as a result of high secretions of oils, and the other against the backdrop of dehydration of the scalp, the treatment of this crisis varies, which we refer to the three main ways to confront dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar
The use and benefits that can be reaped from the use of the distinctive apple cider vinegar, which not only works against dandruff, but also cures itching and the problem of dry scalp, are recommended to be used, especially with low cost and ease of manufacture.

It is not necessary to get it but to blend two cups of it, with two other cups of water, and then put them in a bottle, and sprayed the content on the roots of the hair, before leaving the hair preserved inside a plastic bag for 15 minutes, to wash later with shampoo and conditioner, and the hair gets permanent protection from the annoying crust.

Coconut oil with lemon juice
The scalp is naturally acidic without interference, so lemon juice comes with acidic qualities, to be the perfect cleaning method for the fruit, especially with blending of this juice with coconut oil, with superior capacity to face dandruff.

It is recommended to prepare two tablespoons of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of lemon juice, to be blended to form the desired mixture, which is placed on the hair and scalp, and massage by it, for a period of 20 to 30 minutes, before washing the hair later using shampoo.

Some feel that it is difficult to use mouthwash to treat other problems in areas far from it, but what has been achieved, the ability of this lotion to eliminate dandruff as soon as possible, because of the anti-fungal properties of the hair lotion, which means it has no access to the head but can eliminate the peel Completely.

Here comes the importance of preparing a mixture that combines one tablespoon of this lotion, about 9 spoons of ordinary water, then wash the hair in the usual way by shampooing, before adding the amazing mixture, which is recommended to leave it on the head for an hour, then flooded with water, to be surprised with the dazzling results later.

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