Simple ways to treat permanent headaches

With the help of taking painkillers immediately after the incidence of a headache, a neurosurgeon comes to confirm that the effect of these pills decreases with continuous use, and later lead to more pain with increased sensitivity of the brain. What is the secret of the relationship between bananas and headaches and moderate sitting?

Common headache or hemorrhage?

The doctor at the Walton Center for Neurology in Liverpool, Nick Silver, said that contrary to the expected, most headaches do not require the use of painkillers pills, pointing out that the correct treatment requires at first, to know if the pain of the head, those due to headaches, Needs another treatment.

To distinguish between the two cases, Silver explains that the calculation of the number of these injuries not associated with cases of tension or dizziness or heart palpitations is the best way to treat, pointing out that exposure to head pain by about 25 times or more, it means headache headache, while exposure to the number Times less than those troublesome pain, it then turns out to be suffering from a migraine, treated more efficiently with the use of specialist doctors.

Bananas and sitting strait 

While the methods and drugs for the treatment of headaches, experts say there is a special relationship between bananas and sitting positions on the one hand, and the treatment of headaches, on the other hand, he noted that eating banana fruit rich in magnesium, works to cope with head pain, supported High carbohydrate levels, which reduce the chances of exposure to the symptoms of headaches disturbing, against the backdrop of maintaining blood sugar levels, in a state of extreme balance.

As for the sitting position, the treatment confirms that, sitting down forward is the worst decision can be taken then doctor explained that sitting on chairs in this way, means fixing the head and neck in an uncomfortable position on the internal nerves, similar to cramping for them, and works only to increase the symptoms of headaches irritating.

She emphasizes that the best solution is to sit on the flat floor, with the need to guide the head and shoulders strait forward, with no bending, even a small degree.

She concludes by pointing out that the smells of flowers or industrial fresheners, cause the excitation of the nervous system, which means the incidence of headaches again.

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