“skeleton Flower” Becomes transparent when it rains (video)

Many people pass in front of the flowers “
Diphelleia grayi” Without paying attention to their dazzling and magical advantage, which transforms their color from white to transparent when the water falls on them.

The rare flowers, famous as “Skeleton Flowers”, are located on the foothills of the colder regions of Japan, which bloom from mid-spring to early summer, according to the location of “Audet Central “.

The petals of the flower become completely opaque, in dry weather conditions, but with the onset of rainfall, they become almost completely transparent, giving them a ghostly appearance, and the rain is stripped of the petals of that flower of its external skin, revealing its inner structure branching, which is the reason why it is called the “Skeleton flower “.

The flowers are recognized through their large leaves, which resemble the canopy and their white flowers that grow up half a metre high.

When the flowers are wet with rainwater, they start to lose their white color and become completely transparent, but when they dry, they revert back to their original white color.

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