Sony unveils chip for Internet devices with 100 km range

Without stirring up any previous talk, Sony announced today its launch of a chip named CXM1501GR for Internet devices that will help transfer data between devices within a range of 100 km without the need for a physical internet or Wi-Fi network in the region thanks to low wireless communication technology.

The work of the chip after it is installed in any of the electronic devices will send and receive the data within the specified range through the presence of a major communication unit or centre (Eltres Lpwa) that is located in the place and thus able to distribute the signal to all the chips within the range of 100 km.

Sony says that the existing chip and the main communication center that will be installed in the regions can deal with the bustle of the civilized areas without any influence on the indication that there are many objections either due to buildings or communication signals.

It is worth mentioning that the CXM1501GR chip can transfer the signal with a packet of 920 MHz to the Eltres LPWA Communications Center, which will contain the GPS sensor and satellite positioning sensor GNSS to see when and where the data is sent.

According to the company, this technology will help in a lot of things such as knowing the whereabouts of friends about making land trips in large areas, tracking the yacht paths in a specific place, tracking the location and movement of the leased bicycles for services, and the fatigue of drones, as well as many things The other.

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