Study: Electronic devices weaken the mental abilities of children!

A recent study confirms that the child’s abandonment of electronic devices with the different games, means a remarkably high cognitive abilities, so what did this study find out specifically?

Children and smart devices
Do you leave a long time for your child to read the screens of electronic devices, without any supervision from you? So you have to think about something like this, after scientists have proven that reducing the times when a child is exposed to electronic devices, it can improve his mental and intellectual abilities and thus cognitive quickly.

The study, supported and funded by the World health institutions, was conducted on about 4.5 thousand children, aged between 8 and 11, observing the number of hours during which the child is exposed to the screens of modern devices, as well as the number of hours of his sleep, and the minutes during which he exercises sports.

The interesting research study found that reducing the child to the times of reading electronic devices, in return for having enough hours of sleep at night, means to improve his cognitive abilities surely, while the opposite happens when not attention to these things.

Sleep and Sports
“Evidence indicates that children’s school levels are improving, when they get enough time to sleep, with physical exercise, which increases their overall attention, and helps them remember and not forget,” says Jeremy Walsh, a researcher behind the study.

“Although the study has found that a child who has been reading electronic devices for more than two hours a day, will suffer from a decrease in his mental abilities with a degree of degrees, but it still needs more studies, so that we can find the perfect signatures that the child could exercise During which his electronic activities are safe. “

The latest study, published in the newspaper “the Lancet Child and adolescent Health”, found that only one out of every 20 American children would meet the ideal criteria for which the study, which boils down to exercise, sleeps for enough hours. From the night, in addition to not reading modern electronic devices for long hours does not cause weakness of his abilities.

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