Study: Expired drugs may be safe and usable

A recent study revealed that medicines may retain their original efficacy, even if their expiry dates have expired for years and have not been kept at an appropriate temperature all the time.

The researchers wrote in the journal “Wildness and the Invincible Medisen “, that this is good news for workers in the remote areas of the world where the medicine is sometimes expired is the only option, and the alternative is the absence of any treatment for a serious disease.

Dr. Emma Brown, who led the research team, said: “The expiry date on any medicine packaging indicates the last date that the pharmaceutical company ensures the safety of the property content when stored in the recommended conditions and in the original packaging.”

She added in an email to “Reuters “: “This date is not necessarily the date when the drug becomes ineffective or dangerous and in many drugs that period may be much longer than the normal date of the validity between two and three years “.

In some parts of the world, doctors had difficulty getting medicines more than once a year.

It may also be costly for small communities or exploration teams to replace drugs that have not been used.

The research team tested the effectiveness of five expired drugs recovered from the British Antarctic Survey, which manages five bases and two vessels in the Antarctica region and owns medical facilities at these sites.

The researchers said that the drugs for Antarctic operations are ordered once a year in May May and shipped from Britain in September, reaching the bases in December December after several months at sea.

They added that the drugs tested had been cut off again, when they were returned due to the expiration of their expiry dates.

The researchers tested five types of drugs that passed between one and four years after their expiration, comparing these drugs with modern samples of the same medications to see how effective and efficient the substance is.

It has been found that all tested drugs are still theoretically effective. But the researchers warned that they did not know the exact temperatures that these drugs were exposed to.

“There are huge amounts of medicines that are disposed of due to their expiry and this is a cost to patients through taxes, insurance and other medical bills,” Brown said. …

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