Summary of what Samsung announced at the launch Conference of the Galaxy S10

Samsung let down unveiled its conference on the detection of the Galaxy S10 series and the Galaxy Fold, with the launch of three main and folding phones, as well as a fifth-generation edition and a smart watch, next to a wireless headset representing the new generation of headphones. To put users in the hands of a range of leading and high-potential products as usual at the beginning of each year, although they came sooner than usual. The conference witnessed the company announcing the sale of 2 billion Galaxy phones since its launch a decade ago.

Here’s what the company announced at its conference:

Galaxy Fold

As was expected, Samsung unveiled the folding phone Galaxy Fold, where it offers a big move by combining traditional phones and tablets by converting it with ease from its normal format 4.3-inch screen to a larger screen with a 7.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1536 × 2152 pixels. The phone provides an exceptional way to browse apps, where they can be used in normal mode and then converted to a big position because of tablet devices. Three applications can be opened together on the screen thanks to the technology used by the company in the telephone industry, which is similar to the presence of two phones.

The phone carries a 12GB RAM with 7 nano-meter technology for the first time in smartphones with 512 GB storage capacity. It comes with 6 unusual cameras, with two cams on the side and two in front and like them in the back. It also has two 4,380 mah batteries, along with the EUFS port for Speed dial.

It comes at a price of $1,980 starting on April 26, almost two months from now.

Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung naturally unveiled the S10 series, this time with three different design phones and for the first time the presence of the extrusion inside the screen but of course the three phones came in two different ways because of the presence of a dual front camera in the phone with the highest potential. However, they all included front-facing camera sensors at the bottom of the screen to give the user the greatest capacity to take advantage of the space, as well as a UltraSonic fingerprint sensor on the screen in S10 and S10 + for the first time in smartphones while S10e fingerprint sensor was provided by the phone. Telephones also have the handset outlet as in this previous generation, as well as Dolby Atmos audio technology.

Speaking more about phones, they come together with a Snabdraghon 855 processor with high capacity in terms of speed and artificial intelligence, as the Android 9.0 operating system and the new user interface of one UI as well as the IP68 water resistance technology. In addition to support for fast charging and Qi wireless charging technology with fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

As with other features, the lowest-S10e handset comes with a 5.8-inch HD + FHD screen and HDR10 technology, and brings a 12 mega pixel rear camera to each lens, one wide angle and the other with high focus and clarity. The front camera comes with a 10 mega pixel aperture with the F/1.9 slot with auto focus and UHD resolution. The phone adds a 3,100 mah battery that supports fast charging. It also provides 6GB RAM with 128GB or 8GB storage with 256 GB storage capacity.

Color up: White, black, blue, green, canary yellow. Its price will start from $749.

While the Galaxy S10 comes with a 6.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with QHD + HDR10 display technology and Dynamic Tone Mapping, the screen carries a fingerprint sensor that covers a large percentage of the screen. Speaking of the camera, it comes with a three-lens camera that has great capabilities and can shoot 4k video and HDR10 + at 60 fps, divided into one 12 mega pixel resolution for deep imaging and concentration, with a 12-degree 12°c and a high f/1.5 shutter slot.

Sensitivity and optical fixation technology, plus a very wide 16 MP lens with a 123 ° angle and f/2.2 slot.

The front camera comes with a 10 mega pixel-like camera of the previous phone with auto-focus and accurately depicts UHD and the triple camera offers a 960 fps slow-motion imaging. The phone carries a 3,400 mah battery. It also offers two options of 128GB and 512 GB of storage along with 8GB of standard RAM. It will arrive in white, black, green, and blue colors. The price will start from $899.

The S10 + phone comes with higher features than its predecessors, especially with a dual front camera, where one of the two lenses offers 3d imaging technology that helps develop support for virtual and augmented reality technologies and offers a different face-recognition protection experience. Speaking of the rear camera, it is similar to the S10 phone, as is the case with the QHD + screen resolution and HDR10 technology support, but it comes in a 6.4-inch size. The phone brings with it a 4,100 mah battery. The phone has 8 GB RAM and a 128GB storage capacity, while the ceramic-protected version instead of the glass comes with two types, with a 12GB capacity of 512 GB or 12 GB RAM with 1 TB storage capacity that can be increased by another 512 GB via your memory card. Shake him up. It will arrive in the colors of the previous phone beside the presence of two colors to copy the ceramic in black and white. The price will start from $999 and will increase $100 per copy with higher benefits.

Galaxy S10 G or 5th generation

Next to its previous phones, Samsung announced its intention to launch a larger version of the S10 series, this time a 6.7-inch QHD +, a 4,500 mah battery that supports faster charging, and an additional 3d sensor with a 3d rear camera. While other features are similar to S10 and S10 +, the phone offers a very high speed connection with the fifth generation technology.

Galaxy Buds Wireless Headset

After changing the name of its wireless headset to the Galaxy Buds to deliver a new generation of speakers, Samsung officially unveiled the very small handset, which comes with almost an earhole measurement and has sound insulation and water resistance technologies.

This handset comes at a price of $130 and offers high sound features of AKG and a battery lasting about 6 hours, and also supports wireless charging.

This handset comes at a price of $130 and offers high sound features of AKG and a battery lasting about 6 hours, and also supports wireless charging.

Galaxy Watch

Next to their smartphones, Samsung unveiled the new generation of its smart clocks by launching the Galaxy Watch Active, which comes in a circle with measurements of 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5 mm in black, gold, green, and silver colors. The watch brings a Super AMOLED screen protected by a Gorilla glass layer.

It also offers a 20 mm belt and a 230 mah battery, coupled with a 1.15 GHz Exynos9110 processor, and comes with a 4-way system and 0.75 + 4GB memory.

The watch supports IP68 water resistance technologies as well as Fall 5ATM plus MIL-STD-810G, and can work with Android 5.0 players or iphone 5 players. Sensors provide acceleration, compression, rotation, and optical sensor.

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