sunken Russian ship found carrying 200 tons of gold .. video

A rescue team in South Korea, found a wreckage of a Russian warship, sank in a sea from a battle happened 113 years ago and has 200 tons of gold on it.

According to the Telegraph, the warship “Dmitry Donskoy”, belonging to the Russian Imperial Navy fleet, was found at a depth of 1400 feet, and about a mile from the island of Oulongdo.

The team included experts from South Korea, Britain and Canada, and two submarines were used to take pictures of the ship.

The photographs and video clips of the ship show the effects of destruction on the ship’s hull due to a confrontation with Japanese warships in 1905.

One member of the crew of the divers was able to read the name on the back of the ship to confirm its identity.

The rescue group said the vessel was badly damaged by artillery shelling and crashed into the rear of the ship.

The ship “Dmitry Donskoy” sailed for the first time from the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, in 1883, and was designed as a merchant ship.

The records confirm that some 60 crew members were killed and wounded, before the ship’s captain decided to land off Olongdu Island and ordered his men to go ashore.

The vessel reportedly carried 5,500 gold bullion and gold coins, currently worth about $ 132.12 billion.

Half of the treasure is to be handed over to the Russian government, with 10% invested in tourism projects on Olongdu Island.

As for the rest of the treasure, it will be donated to establish joint ventures aimed at promoting development in Northeast Asia.

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