Suspect in the murder of a Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova been arrested

Bulgarian police arrested a suspect in the killing of the journalist, Viktoria Marinova, whose body was recently discovered while attempting to enter German territory, Bulgarian media reported.

Bulgarian TV “NOVA” reported that the DNA of the person who was arrested matches 100% the DNA which was found on the body of the journalist.

Local residents confirmed to the media that they knew the person who had been arrested. According to preliminary information, he was born in 1997.

Bulgarian police said earlier they had found the victim’s phone when they searched a house in the northern district of Ruse, where the crime occurred and the body of the journalist was found, noting that she had not yet identified the owner of the house.

The Ministry of the Interior declined to comment on the matter, while the Office of the Prosecutor confirmed that three additional prosecutors had been sent to the Rosset area to support the investigation.

The Bulgarian prosecutor in the city of Ruse,Georgi Georgiev, said earlier that police are taking into account in their investigations into the murder of journalist, Viktoria Marinova, all the hypotheses, whether personal or professional.

The journalist Viktoria Marinova, 30, who was working on a television station, was raped and tortured before being killed and dumped her body in a garden near the Danube in her hometown.

On September 30, Marinova hosted two journalists who were investigating allegations of corruption related to EU funds during her television program.

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