Tesla plans to launch auto-drive taxi network in 2020

The CEO of Tesla Elon musk said that next year will see the launch of the first Tesla self-drive cars (Robotaxis) to be operating in a network of transportation and full car participation in the next year 2020, where he released his statement during the Tesla Self-command conference on Tuesday in The company’s main headquarters in the state of California in the presence of investors.

“I am confident that next year the taxis may witness the auto-rally of Tesla, but not in all provinces where we will not get approval in all areas,” said Musk, “where his statement was brief without any other than but added that the company is able to obtain the approval of the concerned authorities To allow their motorized cars to work in new areas next year.

Tesla said it would enable the owners of the Tesla-compliant cars to be added to their transfer sharing application, which would be in a similar style to the Uber car-sharing application, as the company’s interest rate would be 25%-30% of the total number of trips by its owners, and would be used Motorized Taxis (Robotaxis) in areas where cars are not available in sufficient numbers.

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