That’s how a AI surveillance camera will be a part of our next life

AI surveillance

Sony has announced the production of “the world’s first image sensor chip with a processing feature that employs artificial intelligence.” The new sensor segments aim to analyze images with artificial intelligence instantly, according to New Atlas.

The combination of artificial intelligence and digital video cameras helps collect huge amounts of data, the vast majority of which may not attract anyone’s attention, especially if thousands of hours of images recorded by security cameras are checked.

As the world’s technical development continues, a lot of intelligence is needed to monitor more of what cameras pick up, particularly those used to monitor and secure empty stores or staffed by a small number of employees, which in such cases required dozens, if not hundreds of cameras, to see what store goers as well as employees were doing, and whether there were any misconduct or breaches.

The new system is scheduled to correctly analyze the footage as it occurs, or specifically in less than 3.1 milliseconds, and only information about important parts is sent. Cameras can monitor someone picking up a specific item and placing it in the shopping cart, sending specific footage of the buyer, the item and the rest of the items in the shopping cart if necessary.

The main advantage of this advanced system is that it provides important background information that can be kept on the database quickly, without the need to keep recordings for periods without any movement or activity, and that data is processed directly at the time of the event with minimal energy. Any artificial intelligence models that a user needs cameras to retain can be loaded onto the memory on the sensor slide.

This type of sensor is unlikely to replace the mobile phone, as it is largely dedicated to commercial use, for example, smart cameras can be used to calculate the number of attendees at a location or event, traffic control, or to monitor those who violate instructions to wear protective muzzles during the Corona pandemic, or whatever.

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