That’s why GPS systems are crashing every 19 years.

A “Gps” phenomenon called backtracking “GPS rollover” Infect GPS devices , where you cannot determine the correct location for users around the world.

In order to solve the problem, scientists set the satellite clock responsible for geographical tracking every 19 years.

It should be noted that the satellite does not work with the calendar and timing that humans work with, but it has its own calendar, which depends on the weeks. The technique is called “10.bit”, and this technique needs to be reset every time at 19 years (1024 weeks), according to the site “Toss news “.
The satellite was launched on the 6th of January of 1980, the first re-seizure took place on August 21, 1999, while the second time it coincided with the re-seizure of the 6th April April of this year.

This problem will affect a large number of geographic navigation systems, especially those located in the geo-tracking systems of advanced vehicles, as well as some governmental institutions related to energy matters.

Scientists will work to solve this problem by moving to a technique called “13.bit” which needs to be reset every 118 years (8192 weeks), i.e. the future reset will be done by the year 2137.

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