The arrest of an Iranian man with 2 tons of gold

Iranian police have arrested a man who collected two tons of gold coins in 10 months and is nicknamed “the Sultan of Gold Coins.”

According to the news agency “Fares,” the commander of the internal security forces of the capital Tehran, Brigadier General Hussein Rahimi, that the arrest of the man was the first Tuesday, and came after investigations lasted about 4 months, where he manipulated the market as he likes through raising and lowering prices . He added that the “Sultan of Coins” is 58 years old and the owners of precedents, in addition to his son was arrested for some time and released on bail.

For some time, Iranian authorities have been cracking down on manipulations and speculation at foreign exchange rates and market bulls.

The amount of gold exceeds the reserves of some countries of the precious metal, for example, according to data of the World Gold Council for the month of June, the reserves of Yemen and Albania and El Salvador only 1.6 tons of gold.

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