The Audi e-tron GT can be charged in just 12 minutes

The e-tron fleet’s electrician, Mr. Johannes Eckstein, revealed that the second sedan in the fleet, the e-tron GT sedan, will support the 350 kW high-speed charging system and achieve a record charging time.

Mr. Johanns revealed that the car that will reach the market in 2020 will be able to charge 80% of its battery in just 12 minutes, which is much better than the time required by the Audi e-tron, which charge the same amount in 30 minutes. This figure breaks the record in the charging period recorded in the name of Porsche Tycoan Electric, which charges 80% in 15 minutes.

Many companies have begun to set up high-speed charging stations with a load capacity of 350 kW. In Europe four companies – Audi, BMW, Ford and Mercedes – have set up the Ionic network, the same network that Tesla operates in the United States .

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