The beginning of a Latins immigrants convoy arrives in Mexico

Migrants from Central American countries -mostly Hondurans- heading in a caravan to the US, are pictured on board a truck at the Mexico City-Puebla highway in San Marcos' toll, Mexico, on November 5, 2018. - Us President Donald Trump warned that until 15000 soldiers could be deployed to the Mexican border to stop the migrants attempt to cross illegally. (Photo by RODRIGO ARANGUA / AFP)

The first of the immigrant convoy to the United States began arriving in Mexico City in batches since Sunday, with some 2,000 people being accommodated in a shelter, while others are trying to reach the capital in trucks.

A section of the remainder of the convoy spent the night in Puebla, 120 kilometers from the capital, while the two left about 1,500 others, mainly women and children, from the more eastern city of Cordoba in the state of Veracruz, heading for the capital.

Many migrants will conduct administrative transactions with the Mexican authorities in order to obtain a transit permit with a view to reaching the United States border.

“We feel affected by our presence in Mexico City because we have this much interest,” said the immigrant from Honduras Teodoro Khusouwei, 21, who arrived in the capital. “The weather has affected us badly, we all have a cold, but this is not important, we will continue to struggle,” he said.

The migrants ‘ convoy, which began on 13 October of Honduras, passed Mexico’s border with Guatemala to escape violence and poverty in their country.

About 2,000 Central Americans in a second convoy left the town of Ariaga in the state of Chiapas heading for Tabanatibek next to the state of Oaxaca.

Contrary to what they did with the first convoy, the residents did not come out last night to receive these immigrants and did not provide them with water and food.

A third immigrant group, most of them from El Salvador, arrived in Tabachola in Chiapas and is following the same route.

The convoys angered US president Donald Trump, who put the issue of immigration at the heart of his campaign for the mid-term elections on Tuesday and announced that he could deploy 15,000 troops on the US-Mexican border to try to arrest them.

The Pentagon announced Monday that some 4,800 troops had been deployed in the US border with Mexico. He said he was unable to estimate the cost of the operation that Trump wanted, which the opposition described as a political man-oeuvre.

A Defense Department spokesman, Colonel Bob Manning, told the press on Monday that the “number at the end of the day is supposed to be 5,200 ” A soldier joining the 2,100 National Guard reservists who have been in the area for months.

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