The coldest place on earth

Researchers have reached the coldest place on the planet, where the temperature is approaching 100 degrees Celsius below zero.

The researchers found that the coldest temperature, located in the eastern part of the Antarctic continent, in the small valleys, up to 98 degrees below zero.

The temperature of that region, broke the record for the coldest temperature on Earth, according to researchers at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado.

the same area recorded in 2013 as the coldest degree, which amounted to 93 degrees Celsius below zero.

“The rise of the Antarctic ice sheet and its proximity to the Antarctic makes it the coldest place on earth,” said Ted Scampos, head of the research team at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

“While the temperatures in the small gaps of this place are falling, they are becoming the coldest spots in the world.”

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