The death of Stan Lee, founder of Marvel’s universe at age of 95

The painter Stan Lee, founder of Marvel ‘s comic-book world, died on Monday from the age of 95.

Stan Lee, the creator of the famous superhero “Spider Man”, Left this morning, inside the Sinai Medical Center, after he was transferred from his home in Hollywood by an ambulance, according to “MTV “.

Stan Lee had several illnesses during the past year, including a pneumonia seizure, as well as vision problems.

Stan Lee was a writer and editor and played a pivotal role in turning the Marvel series into a giant edifice of comic books in the 1960s when, in collaboration with others, he invented superhero characters who were loved by successive generations of young readers.

And no film came from Marvel without the appearance of Stan Lee in an honorary shot.

In 2002, a crisis occurred between Stan Lee and “Marvel”, when the company began to produce films about Marvel’s superheroes, and in a lawsuit he called for his share of the proceeds from the first part of the film “Spider Man”, and three years later he won the case and received $10 million.

Joan the daughter of the late Stan Lee said about her father, that he had all the love of his fans and was very respectful.

The super hero characters created by Stan Lee became part of the popular culture and achieved great success at the box office when they stories turned into films also.

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