“the fate capsule” gets you new dates throw vending machines

  • fate capsule
  • the fate capsule

There are many uses of electronic vendingĀ  machines, between soft drinks and other sweets and other goods, but a businessman from Hong Kong decided to add to this unique use.

Italian businessman Nietzsche Delmondo said the businessman, Tang, designed a coin-operated machine in exchange for a life partner by organizing a personal meeting. The machine was dubbed “the capsule of fate”.

The idea is a vending machine that offers a colored plastic capsule when you insert a coin in it. The capsule contains a clip with the contact data of a single person looking for a life partner as opposed to the equivalent of 2 euros per capsule.

Tang conveyed the idea to Hong Kong after gaining wide popularity in Taiwan. Those who want to get a life partner leave their personal data in the capsule, such as age, height, weight, hobbies and a brief history of their lives.

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