The five types of skin .. How you know your skin type?

Women are always keen to take care of their skin, one of the most important manifestations of beauty, pure and fresh skin. Because skin care is essential, it is necessary to first identify the various skin types, because each type has a certain way of care and attention, to become more lively.

The skin has many types, different from oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, mixed skin and sensitive skin, and each of these types are different in terms of structure and way of taking care of it.

So we will identify together each type of skin, and how to take care of each type until the skin becomes healthy and free of defects.

Oily skin
Fatty skin contains more fat than other types, and the most common signs of it are known to be excessive fat secretion on both sides of the nose. It can be identified more by placing a dry handkerchief on the face and wiping it well.

Oily skin is more susceptible than others to the appearance of pimples and grains, because of the outstanding fat, as it has a wider pore than others, because of the large pores they are most prone to excessive sweating.

Normal skin
Normal skin is the skin of the best types of facial skin, because it is a moderate skin between oily skin and dry skin, and normal skin will often not have any problems if taken care of, and those who have the normal skin will not suffer from any pills, or blisters such as oily skin, No wrinkles such as dry skin because it is moderate skin.

Dry skin
Dry skin is rough because of dehydration. Dry skin is more prone to cracking. It does not have enough fat to nourish the skin. Its appearance is high. Sometimes dry skin is prone to early wrinkles due to dehydration. Of skin types can be moisturized using medical moisturizers, and the obligation to drink large amounts of water.

Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin is similar to dry skin, because it does not contain enough fat, does not contain enough water to moisten it, and is more susceptible than others to the infection of skin inflammation and red color with the use of any kind of moisturizers unsuitable for sensitive skin, and can be maintained by this dimension Absolutely any non-medical skin care products that are not suitable for their type, and with the use of what is not appropriate irritates the skin immediately.

Mixed skin
The complex or mixed skin is divided into two parts, one of which is a greasy part and another dry part. The location of the fatty part of the sensitive skin is in the forehead and nose and reaches the chin in the middle of the face.

The dry part is in the cheeks, around the ears, so the mixed skin may be exposed to grain and pimples in the middle of the face, and are prone to dehydration and peeling around the face and cheeks.

The mixed skin needs careful attention, and care must be taken to choose the right products for the skin to keep it from showing grains, or to be exposed to dehydration and peeling.

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