“The most expensive breakup”… The founder of Amazon makes his wife the richest woman in the world, a magazine reveals that “sexual scandal” behind divorce

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Mackenzie Bezos, will be named the “richest woman in the world”, after her famous breakup with her husband, founder of the American Amazon, Jeff

The fortune of the CEO of “Amazon “, 137 billion dollars, makes him the richest man in the world. But depending on the way he is with his ex-husband in their assets, the title may be withdrawn from him, and she gets the title of “the Richest woman in the world.”

According to the American magazine “Business Directory “, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Live in Washington, D.C., one of nine U.S. states, providing the principle of “joint ownership” of real estate and income between spouses, which means that their assets may be divided by 50/50, unlike the 41 states , where the property is an asset acquired under the name of the individual husband and wife, and is not considered to be a joint property, unless they have both agreed to share their wealth.
The magazine explained that Jeff
Bezos founded the company “Amazon ” after he married MacKenzie , which is likely to have the right to get half of the wealth of her husband earned from the “Amazon “.

If Mackenzie Bezos gets out of her divorce settlement with half of Jeff’s fortune in particular, it will make her worth an estimated US $42.6 billion, or more than $23 billion of the world’s richest woman’s net worth.

The richest woman in the world is François-Blancourt Myers, who controls 33% of the company “L’Oreal “, the world’s largest cosmetic manufacturer, valued at 45.6 billion, according to the “Bloomberg ” Network.

According to the American magazine “Forbes “, the value of the fortune is 44.7 billion dollars, which puts it directly behind the famous shops “Wal-Mart “, Alice Walton, who occupies the first place with a fortune of $27.8 billion.

But Michael Stautman, a divorce lawyer in New York, told Businessweek that Jeff and MacKenzie could have a “very complex asset structure”, adding that he was sure they had other investments they had already created for their children and possibly others.

In addition to their sprawling possessions in Washington, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos own many other properties across the United States, including two mansion in Beverly Hills, which they bought for 37.4 million dollars, a 30,000-acre Texas ranch, the largest house in Washington, and a group From 4 apartments in a historic Manhattan building overlooking Central Park.

He married the couple for more than 25 years, and they have four children and an adopted son.

When Mackenzie was in a working interview with Jeff in 1993, the duo met.

A few hours after the American billionaire and the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie divorced, a magazine revealed interesting details about their separation.

The American Magazine “The National Inquirer ” stated that after having investigated the facts about Bizos for four months, it was revealed that the CEO of “Amazon” was cheating on his wife.

The newspaper said it had evidence that Bezos was secretly travelling with his mistress to destinations on a private plane costing $65 million.

“The National Inquirer ” and other reports indicated that the mistress is Lauren Sanchez, a former broadcaster at the local “Fox ” station in Los Angeles.

According to “Inquirer “, Bezos ‘ lawyer stated that it was “widely known” that Bezos and his wife were “long separated”.

The American magazine claimed that Bezos, 55, had been dating Lauren Sanchez (49 years) for eight months.

She pointed out that Bezos had sent Sanziz pictures of his genitals, photographs of him topless, and included obscene language, according to the British newspaper “The Mirror “.

The magazine “National Inquirer ” promised that it will publish the images of Jeff Bezos in its most recent numbers, on 11 pages.

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