The new Samsung phone may carry 4 rear cameras

Samsung is expected to surprise its customers around the world with an unprecedented advantage in the mobile world, especially with regard to the camera phone.

leaked technology news websites said that the new phone from Samsung will contain 4 cameras, a precedent that did not happen before that one phone contains that number of cameras,

Leaked information told that the basic camera will be 24 megapixels, another camera with 8 megapixels with wide angle up to 120 degrees, and two cameras for approximation one 5 megapixels and the other 10 megapixels.

The expected phone is expected to be released as the Galaxy A9 Star Pro, and comes with the Super Amoled 6.2 “screen, FHD +, Snapdragon 660, and random memory of 4 GB , but it is likely to be dedicated to Asian markets only.

Samsung has officially announced the launch of a new phone, described as a “monster” that sweeps its competitors. Samsung launched its new Galaxy A7, which has a large number of New exceptional features, most notably providing three rear cameras.

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