The psychological benefits of Hugs on health is incredible!

Hugging is the physical and psychological bonding between two people, which enhances the trust and comfort between them, creating a good number of benefits for them, whether they are close friends, or a loving couple, or father and son are the secret of happiness each other, so we reveal those benefits Brilliant hug in the following lines.

Calm and non-tension
With a close hug, the body’s oxytocin ratios jump sharply, causing increased feelings of comfort and calm, thus reducing the negative emotions, which include stress and anxiety, which are contrasted with the progress of the individual ahead in his career and family.

Improve heart health
A recent American study confirms that the hug of people reduces the speed of the heartbeat in the body, in a way that works relatively calm, and thus maintain the health of the heart, and even improve for the better, with the length of the hug between close people, which results in a clear reduction in levels Blood pressure also.

Stable sleep
Hugs also increase the body’s excitosin hormone levels. It also reduces body secretions of the hormone cortisol, which always causes anxiety and tension, so incubation here ensures stable sleep and long hours.

Strengthen the body’s immunity
The hug strengthens the body’s immune system, reducing the chances of exposure to quite a few infectious diseases, which is confirmed by many research, against the background of the prominent role of hugging people, in reducing the hormones of tension, which weaken the immune system I have anyone.

Increased confidence of couples
Feelings of trust and security are particularly high in couples, when hugging and hugging is a frequent occurrence among them, where the woman feels safe and tender from her husband, while the husband also feels contained in the various difficulties of life.

Psychological support for children
There is no doubt about the importance of hugging your young children, which increases the social of this child, and becomes a friend more friendly with others, and not shy or antibiotic, and a medical study indicates a positive correlation between the levels of intelligence of the child and the daily hug of his mother, Parents will hug their children whenever the opportunity arises.

Resistance to depression
It is obvious that, after the psychological benefits of hug, we find that embracing people to each other contributes very effectively to the resistance of depression, which stems from the high secretion of dopamine from the brain, leading to more activity and confidence, and a little fear and anxiety.

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