The real cost of the new iPhone Xs MAX | how much apple earn from a single iPhone xs?

A recent report by Tech Insights revealed the true cost of the iPhone Xs MAX components and the cost of its assembly, after experts have fully sliced the device.

In its report, the company focused on the 256-gigabyte capacity of the “iPhone Xs MAX”, which cost a total of $ 443, and the price on the Apple site is $ 1249, meaning that Apple earns more than $ 800 per one phone.

The cost fell by about $ 50, according to Tech Insights, compared to Apple’s iPhone X, which was $ 395.

Back to the “iPhone Xs MAX” screen was the most expensive components, which see “Tech Insights,” logically as the value of the screen measuring 6.5 inches, which Samsung manufactured, to $ 80 compared to $ 77 was the cost of the screen of the phone for the iPhone X measurement 5.8 inches made by Samsung also.

In the new phone screen, Apple abandoned some 3D Touch components that could have increased the screen price by an extra $ 10.

Other components, such as the processor, modem, and flash storage units, also rose, according to the same report.

According to recent estimates, the “iPhone Xs MAX” has been a huge success in the markets, the 256 GB version is the most successful among the different versions of the device.

These estimates vary from one company to another, but do not include other costs, such as taxes and R & D, which contribute to an increase in the price of equipment. This contrast is further exacerbated by the fact that companies do not disclose the total value of their product assembly and manufacturing

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