The relationship between work from home and productivity increase

Some employers may be concerned about productivity right now, because millions around the world are working remotely because of the Corona pandemic, but a recent poll has revealed that there has been a boom in many business sectors since the start of segregation and curfews that forced the majority of enterprises and companies to operate large proportions of their employees remotely from their homes, according to the Daily Mail.

The surveyed researchers asked more than 1,600 participants how they adapted to work at home, and a third said they were more productive than when they were working from offices. Participants pointed out that they now control better their time and the amount of work done.

On the other hand, those who feel isolated or need to rely on others to carry out their tasks have reported less productive.

Since the Corona pandemic, many companies have asked employees to work from home until further notice. Although some employers may be concerned about the productivity of their employees amid these variables, the results of an analytical survey, conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal, found that telecomlogical work contributes to improving business.

The analytical survey is based on data from more than 1,600 participants who answered an online questionnaire of 75% of women and 25% of men, mostof them residents of the Canadian territory of Quebec.

The percentage of respondents was as follows: 85% at the age of 40, 85% with a university degree, and 70% working in the public and government sectors.

The results showed that one third of participants who felt better productivity were both men and women, most of whom were 40 years of age, while some indicated that their workload had increased since they moved to work from home, but found that they were able to better control their time and how much work they had achieved.

But the researchers also revealed that there was a group that did not enjoy working remotely, and those reported that they felt isolated and distant from the decision-making process, resulting in their reduced productivity since working remotely. At the conclusion of their findings, the researchers point out that, eventually, the pandemic will end and employees will begin to return to their offices, although about 39% prefer to stay at home.

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