The Sand Palace a single house stood in the face of Hurricane Michael in Florida .. and his owner reveals the secret

Amazing images showed the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in the southeastern United States, but almost one house managed to withstand the wind. All homes in Florida’s coastal city, without exception, were turned into rubble.

Michael hit land on the country’s east coast, killing 18 people in four states, but the worst damage was recorded in Florida.

In that ever-sunny state, that house, called the Sand Palace, remains alone on the beach in Mexico Beach, while all the neighboring houses have been turned into ruins.

Only the ground floor of the three-storey house was damaged, the stairs leading to the middle floor were removed, a few windows were removed from its frame and the hurricane was destroyed by a water cycle that would require further maintenance.

But the building itself remained largely intact in the face of the hurricane, and its owner, Russell King, seemed very happy when he told The New York Times: “We can clean up the effects within a month.”

“But other people, I do not know, look at what the neighbors have suffered.”

King, a 68-year-old lawyer based in Cleveland, Tennessee, rents the property when he and his family are not using it.

The owner, like many in Mexico City, could never have predicted that a Category 4 hurricane would hit the city directly and destroy its homes, but that was, unfortunately.

Most homes were built in Mexico City in the 1970s, but hurricanes are much stronger than that.

How did the house survive?

King noted this disturbing phenomenon and did not stand idly by. Therefore, when building his dream home, he was sure that it would be resistant to wind storms and hurricanes that could reach 250 miles (400 km) per hour.

The owner did not disclose the amount of money he spent to “fortify his home,” but the “New York Times” capacity of about 30 thousand dollars, but the value of the house itself $ 400 thousand, that King saved his home less than 10% of the value of Home.

It has been built using reinforced concrete, unlike other coastal homes in the region and many parts of the southern United States, where these concrete pillars are not used or even built from wood.

The house has been raised on long pillars, with a distinctive design, the purpose is to pass the winds of storms among them, and the damage is minimal, which has already happened.

King said he believed climate change was a key factor behind the devastating storms that would make it difficult to live near the coast in the coming decades.

“I think the planet’s heat is getting warmer and the storms are getting stronger,” he said. “We did not have storms like that, so people on the coast must be prepared.”

The search for missing people in the wake of Michael’s strike turned into a “search for dead” as hope faded for more neighborhoods.

While there are 18 deaths in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, there is only one death in Mexico Beach, a small town of about 1,000 people, hit directly by the hurricane and winds of 155 mph (250 km) .

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