The secret of the yellow color in pencils.. Has a historical reason

We used to always buy and use pencils that are yellow, so our mental image is related to the pencil in yellow, so what’s the story of this color, and why is it associated with pencils specifically?

Pencils have been painted in bright yellow since the 1990s, not only so you can find them on your desk more easily, but to use the yellow is a more ancient and deep historical story than you perceive.

According to an article published by the American writer, Charles Wochak in 2008, titled “The Secret of yellow pencils”, he revealed that the beginning of the story dates back to 1800 m, where China was exporting a type of graphite of high quality-and graphite is a black carbon substance which is the main ingredient of pens Lead–The best graphite in the world was sourced from China in yellow, so American pencil makers tried to draw people’s attention to the Chinese graphite in their pens and promote it. The way to do this was to paint the pens in yellow, where this color was associated with the Chinese kings and great respect for them, so the makers used the yellow color as a description of quality and ownership, and to indicate the high quality.

According to American history professor at Duke University in Durham, United States, Henry Petrosky, he said that the first pencil producer painted in yellow was named Kohynor. Despite the first hexagonal pencil, it was sold in the United States of America and linked to Chinese ownership, but today it is becoming commonplace and the factories paint pens in yellow without mentioning the ancient Chinese monarchy.

American lead manufacturers began drawing their bright yellow pens to report this “royal” sentiment and its association with China. However, according to Petrosky’s history of pencil, the European producer Kohynor was the first to enter a yellow pencil for the markets, explaining that the black lines on the pencil have a history as well as a story, the black color is added because it is due to the ancient flag of the Empire of Austria and Hungary with its yellow and black colors, from which the first manufacturer of pencils, namely L. & C. Hardtmuth Company, came out.

The colors used in pencils paint vary among the countries of the world, where in the United States yellow color is adopted for pencil coating, and in Germany the green color is often used to paint pens.

While in southern Europe, well-known pencils are in bold red or generally black with some yellow lines.

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