The strangest 5 birds in the world

Did you smell cow dung coming out of a bird, or did you ever hear of a dove that doesn’t fly?.. Although she is always known for her picturesque forms and beautiful feathers, there is a lot of oddity in the world of birds, and although some of them have been extinct, they have been in action.

The following lines highlight the most exotic birds in the world.


Huatzen is a species of primitive Amazon, where the smell of cow dung is emitted because of its vegetarian diet, and some people claim that the scent is actually more enjoyable, since it is the only species of birds that have a ruminant digestive tract like a cow, they spend a lot of time in Lying down and digesting like cows.

High-heel storks

It is a bird called “Elephant Man” with elegant shapes and storks, where this bird is characterized by a huge beak, chasing swamps in northeast Africa in search of its favorite prey, a primitive lung fish, and although it may prefer the tissue of the lung thickness, coated in slippery mucus, but High-heel storks does not object to the food Other additional e, such as turtles and small crocodiles.


The extinct Dodo was close to the family of the pigeons, where these birds, who could not fly, were driven to extinction by humans and their domesticated owners as victims of the circumstances, were fully adapted and were simply unprepared to deal with the threat posed by the arrival of Portuguese sailors in 1507, and despite The absence of a complete sample is present today, but this type of bird has a weight above 30 kilos.

Horn of South Horn

Although most of these birds are arboreal, the southern Horn of Africa prefers small animal species in the plains of the sub-Saharan African, where the bird has a swollen red face due to citrus eating.

scarlet iwi

A scarlet iwi in Hawaii rushes through the forests of its native islands, looking for nectar from flowers using its tapered curved beak, and although closely resembling copper reptiles in South America, it is actually more related to lovers, a modern discovery based on Studies on the skeletal structure and its genetic composition, and the birds usually contain triangular beaks that fit the seed eater.

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