The strangest laws around the world

Each country has its own laws, which may seem strange to other peoples, but in the end every law has logical reasons for its release, at least from the point of view of those who legislated it.

That is a set of strange laws that have existed in some countries for many years.

Change the power lamps for specialists only
This is what happens in the Australian city of Victoria. It is not permissible for an ordinary person to change the light bulb if it fails.

The law, which seems to provide a lot of specialization, provides that anyone who violates that law must pay a fine of more than US $ 5.

Singing to Canadians
In Canada, the law states that Canadian television and radio are required to present a song to any Canadian singer or singer at least every five songs, as part of support for Canadian singers in front of other singers from all over the world who have great populism there.

Watch your weight in Sumo
Although Sumo is one of the most popular sports in Japan at all, although obesity is a basic feature of all participants, this did not prevent a 2009 law that every Japanese man over the age of 40 should watch It weighs well, so that its waistline does not exceed 31 inches. While women should not exceed 35 inches.

Highway penalty
If you think running out of fuel is unfortunate because you will not have your important appointments, or because you’ll sit in your car alone to think about how to get the fuel for it, be aware that this is not the only pain for you.

In Germany, you will also have to pay a fine of up to 80 euros, due to the lack of certainty that your tank is full of fuel before you start your journey.

Italian beating rules
There may be a fight in the street, with some people attacking each other, all of this is normal in Italy.
Crisis Only if someone uses handcuff as a means of abuse or self-defense, this is illegal. Where in Italy it is not allowed to use the hand in the fight only to guide the slaps and not more.

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