The strangest things that can be purchased online

Now, you can buy everything you need through online shopping sites, which offer many different, multi-purpose goods, but the mystery remains surrounded by some of these items for sale, and the objective remains to buy them more ambiguous!

Ghost in a vase

Believe it or not .. English Martin Vost about 8 years ago introduced the ghost of his friend for sale on Ebay, saying that the money will be donated to the foundations of cancer, but the management of the site deleted auction after nearly 6 Days for violating the site’s policy.

Child face mask

This is certainly not a real face, but a mask for the face of a child with a mixture of anger, crying and disgust, and you can buy it online to raise terror and panic among people, and despite its ugly shape, but its price reached 350 USD.

Snake Bracelet

The bracelet, made from the spine of African snakes, was popular among young people and was sold as much as the manufacturer said. The bracelet is sold for $ 10.


You may have heard about the use of tapeworm by many people to lose weight, by swallowing tablets containing worms eggs, and hatching these eggs in the human body once it is touched by water. Now the Internet gives you a striped worm in solution so you can swallow it directly!

serial killer Manicure


It seems strange and a little silly, but you have to admit that Roy Norris, one of the most famous serial killers of the 1970s, offered his nails for sale for $ 10 per one, and strangely there are those who buy!

mice Heads

Yes, it’s really disgusting, but it’s true. There are online marketing sites that sell broken and mated rat heads, for example, to be used as a medal, suspended in the car or other exotic uses.

Someone waiting in line

Since the Internet provides you with all the requirements you need, and since you can buy everything – literally – from shopping sites; there is a growing market that allows you to buy a service from someone; to stand in the queue for you if you are busy or lazy!.

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