The strongest external charging unit is 100 watts and three ports

Batteries are very important in our daily lives, so we see competition among companies in this area. Hyper has announced the external charging unit or what some call the USB C mobile bank, the 27,000 mA, which is the world’s strongest and the first Among its counterparts that support a 100 W USB C port.

This charger has three ports with different capacities, two of which are USB C and the latest USB A, each with a 0.3 Mb charging feature, one USB port of 100 watts and the other 60 watts while the security charging port for the 18W USB A, Hyper Gus The largest capacity for a stamp has been officially approved.

The unit can be charged within an hour by a 100-watt charger for full access. It takes 1.7 hours to use a 60-watt charger, which distinguishes Hyper-Gus to be used to charge the devices while charging. The ports use 100 watts, 60 watts and 18 watts to charge Mac books. Pro 15-inch MacBook pro 13-inch and iPhone X respectively and at the same time, and also many other devices that fall within the capabilities of Hyper-Gus as the video demonstrates:

The weight of the unit is 550 grams and the price offered by the site Kichsarter $ 149 for the first purchase, which is less than the price of the lease of about $ 50, which is expected to be on the market with the launch of the beginning of November 299 $

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