The world’s first photo of a rare white Albino Panda bear (photo)

motion sensor camera toke picture as the world’s first image of the rare white panda bear in the depths of the dense bamboo forest, was picked up in Sichuan province, China.

Scientists now want to steer the camera’s tracks to take a better look at the unusual albino creature.

Albinism is a rare condition caused by a mutation in a particular gene, which does not allow the production of normal pigment or color in the body.

The giant white pandas are depicted in the natural “włng” protectorate, southwest China. Officials believe that the condition of the bear does not affect his health, as he appears to be physically strong with a “fixed gait “.

Li Sheng, a researcher at Peking University “Pking”, said that no kind of white panda has been documented or recorded in the wilderness before. The age of the panda shown in the picture ranges from one to two years, but experts are not sure whether it is male or female.

Giant pandas are classified as being endangered by the International Union for Conservation of nature, with less than 2,000 bears in the wilderness.

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