These are the richest women of Russia

The vast majority of Russia’s wealthy are men, according to Forbes newspaper rankings, but there are many women who have managed to make their fortune. The following is an order of the most important 6 Russian women.

1. Elena Baturina ($ 1.2 billion): For years she has been at the top of the list as the richest woman in the Russian Federation and the wife of Moscow’s former governor, Yuri Luzhkov. Baturina has a global hotel chain in Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic and Ireland, as well as its investments in European and American real estate markets. It also has a large charity in Russia called “Be Open”.

2. Tatiana Pakalchuk ($ 600 million): She was an English teacher and used public transport in Moscow until 2004, but decided to enter the e-commerce world and set up her first website. Today, Wildberries is the most important e-commerce destination in Russia. Pakalchuk has a partnership with her husband, one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and has spread to the markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Elena Ripolovliva ($ 600 million): the former wife of billionaire, Dmitry Ripolovlev, one of the richest men in the European continent. The wife became one of the richest Russian women after her separation from her husband in 2016, where she received $ 600 million dollars as well as several properties in Switzerland. Today it is engaged in private investments.

Natalya Valleva (600 million)

5. Olga Beliapetsva (500 million).

6. Polina Deripaska (500 million).

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