Third person enters the 100 billion dollar Club

Bernard Arnault

French billionaire Bernard Arnault, the richest person in Europe, joined the Americans Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates to become the third billionaire in the world with a fortune of over $100 billion after them.

The 70-year-old Arnault joined the two, according to Bloomberg, after his personal fortune grew about 32 billion this year.

The fortune of the French billionaire (the owner of the company “al-MH”, and about 97% of Christian Dior) currently amounts to 100.4 billion, equivalent to about 3% of the size of France’s economy.

His father was a businessman too, and after finishing high school he went to prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and got a degree in engineering, and after graduating the young man joined his father’s work in civil engineering as an engineer, and he began to think and plan the growth and development of the company.

He persuaded his father to change the direction of their company and focus on the booming real estate sector and has had great success in this area.

Finally, it began with the inclusion of other companies and became the owner of the prestigious brand Christian Dior brand and Le Bon Marché, and when Lvhm was created as a result of the union between two companies, Arnault invested millions of dollars in the shares of the new company and became the first shareholder in the company Lvhm.

He was eventually chosen as chairman of the Board, and through this position he began with a large expansion plan that transformed the company into one of the largest luxury business groups in the world.

Gates ‘ Fortune rose this year by about 35 billion, while Besos is the third, although this year he lost 40 billion in a divorce settlement with his wife, McKenzie Besos.

The founder and CEO of Amazon, billionaire Bezos and his wife, announced a divorce after a marriage of about 25 years.

Bezos credited his wife McKenzie, 48, for her support when the couple moved to Seattle from New York to launch Amazon, an online bookstore, which grew to become the world’s largest online retailer.

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