this how to accelerate metabolism in your body To burn fat and better health

Metabolism is the process of construction and destruction in the body is a term used to describe all the chemical processes that occur within our bodies, which maintain the «smooth» biological processes such as breathing, digestion and others.

Metabolic reactions are divided into two types namely demolition where the main nutrients are broken down from fats, proteins and carbohydrates to obtain energy. And building reactions where the particles from the demolition process are used to build the fabric. This process also needs energy.

Some people have high metabolic rates and some people are not fortunate at low metabolic rates. The causes are numerous and are related to the body, age and genes which are uncontrollable. Fortunately, however, there are approaches that can speed up metabolism.

Water in the morning

Give your metabolic process a boost from the moment you wake up by drinking water. You do not have to drink too much water. One cup is enough, but it should be the first thing you eat in the morning. If you are in the category of nausea, if you drink water in the morning, you can replace it with a cup of natural juice or any fruit that contains large quantities of water, such as watermelon.

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