this man wins lottery 5 times in three months

An Australian man won the lottery five times in just three months, earning $ 3 million. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the 59-year-old Carlo Massetti, in a week, won $ 2.5 million.

Carlo, who works as a shopkeeper, called the “lucky ones” all the winning lottery tickets from Sydney’s eastern suburbs. “There is no specific way or skill to win,” he said.

He pointed out that all he can detect is that 28 is his favorite number, explaining that he did not change his lifestyle, but admitted that he does not need to work at the moment.

“I will not spend money, I was very wise in spending, I am currently in a complex relationship and I am not sure about its future.”

Carlo has been buying lottery tickets for 10 to 15 years sporadically and recently donated $ 50,000 to the Heart and Lung Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital, after his father and grandfather suffered multiple heart attacks.

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