Trump says he agreed with China to lift the ban on Huawei


Trump says he agreed with China to lift the ban on Huawei.

US President Donald Trump announced on the sidelines of his meeting with Chinese prime Minister Shi Jie ping at the 20th Summit in Osaka, Japan, that the United States has agreed with China on
The lifting of the ban comes from Huawei, along with a number of Chinese companies suffering from U.S.

sanctions, after reaching a landmark agreement.

The Chinese and US presidents agreed that dialogue is the best solution to solve the problems, and Trump said he is ready to make a historic deal between the two parties.

The agreement is designed to avoid tariffs on Chinese products of about $300 billion, according to the latest report, but Trump said that if the agreement was avoided, he would probably levy customs duties on all Chinese imports in full.

Huawei has suffered a lot recently from the US embargo and the company expects to decline its sales by 40% this year.

U.S. companies have interrupted them after the ban, which has contributed a lot of apprehension to the public about the future of the operating system in particular.

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