Uber has applied for public offering and started trading on the US stock exchange market

The Wall Street Journal reported that Uber is seeking to share its shares in the US stock market in the next few months after filling out the public offering form last week, as the company is expected to start its stage of subtraction in the first quarter of 2019 unlike Expected to enter the stock market in the second half.

Uber is in a race with its rival in this field, “Lyft”, which filled out the public offering form last week, to be the first in this field within the stock market, which will contribute to attracting the largest number of investors at the bidding due to precedence.

According to specialists in the field, the financial value of the company will be about $120 billion when it enters the general transformation stage, which is much higher than the last valuation of the company when Toyota invested $500 million, where the value reached the time of $76 billion.

It is expected that the stock market next year will see record numbers, as companies enter a high financial value for the market, especially by entering Uber or Airbnb.

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