Uber officially raises Initial Public Offering of New York Stock Exchange

Uber officially filed for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after nearly two weeks of its Lyft transport and delivery competition, as the company’s shares will be traded under the name “UBER” as stated in the company’s book, which reached its revenues last year $11.27 billion With a net profit of $997 million, taking into account the continued loss of the company in the past period where the loss of profit margin before the calculation of interest, taxes and debt to $1.58 billion.

At the end of last December, the Wall Street Journal report referred to Uber’s bid for public circulation for Lyft competition, but was now ranked second after the latter’s first meeting and survived remarkably, while the report noted Uber’s quest to reach $120 billion as market value after ” IPO ” .

The value of the stock is expected to be announced in the coming period where the company will be under the general trading line in May, and reports said that the value of the stock may be at a rate of $48 – $55 to conform to the company’s vision and seek to reach the desired market value.

The most important figures included in the Uber Book of circulation in addition to the above are the number of active customers in the last quarter of 2018, which reached 91 million people spread over 1.49 billion flights during the same quarter in addition to the amount of the total services bookings of the company’s various service which amounted to $11.48 Billion dollars.

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