UK government illegally sold weapons to Saudi Arabia

The London Court of Appeal ruled that the British government illegally sold weapons to Saudi Arabia and obliged it to reconsider previous deals, but without suspending arms export licences.

“The Court of Appeal concluded that the decision-making process by the Government was legally flawed in an important sense,” the judge said, explaining that the government “did not make final assessments on whether the Saudi-led coalition committed violations of international humanitarian law in the past, during Conflict in Yemen “.

“The court’s decision does not mean that arms export licences to Saudi Arabia must be suspended immediately,” he said, “the UK government should reconsider, and necessary assessments should be made about past events of concern, assuming that the possibility of reaching Result in some cases will be impossible “.

The “campaign Against arms trade” has raised the issue of selling these weapons against the British government.

The United Kingdom’s Department of International Trade is expected to challenge the Court of Appeal’s decision on Thursday before the Supreme Court.

London has allowed the sale of at least 4.7 billion pounds (6 billion dollars) of weapons to Saudi Arabia since the Riyadh-led coalition intervened in the Yemeni civil war in March 2015.

These weapons include £2.7 billion ($3.4 billion), rockets, grenades and grenades worth pound 1.9 billion.

There are also an estimated 6,200 British contractors operating in Saudi military bases, who train pilots and maintain aircraft.

In addition, there are more than 80 Royal Air Force personnel operating in the country, some within the command and control center where targets are selected in Yemen.

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