Unidentified people distribute money to passengers in Dubai (video)

A Dubai police security source is investigating the video on social networking sites showing two people distributing cash to people on the street.

The source said in statements, that is continuing to identify the two persons. He said the two appeared to be of Asian nationality and appeared in the video as they distributed money to passersby on the street in Dubai.

The source explained that the UAE police had seen the video, and that it is studying at the moment, after the spread of the section on social networks, and was transmitted without being clear reality.

Two men wearing traditional Gulf uniforms and handing out banknotes to passers-by appeared in an area that appeared to be Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, one of the emirate’s most important tourist destinations.

The two men told pedestrians that the banknotes were presented as gifts from a well-known Emirati businessman.

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