United States midterm Senate election : A crucial Election day in America and Why the world cares?

The midterm elections for members of the House of Representatives and Senate (Congress) will be held on Tuesday amid fierce polarization, which may have not been seen in the American arena for many years.

The midterm elections of the U.S. Senate in November 2018 are among the most important midterm elections, perhaps at all, as they may give US president Donald Trump a greater chance of adopting “controversial” laws or greater freedom to impose certain personalities in very important positions such as the Court’s position. Supreme and of course in case the Republicans won the majority.

Of course, the midterm elections in November 2018 will be a fierce battleground between Republicans and Democrats, as Republicans currently dominate the Senate and the House of Representatives, while Democrats seek to overturn the equation, to prevent Trump from imposing its policy.

The two parties are competing for seats in the entire House of Representatives, 435 seats, while competing for 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, with the midterm elections usually covering only 32 seats, but this time they have risen to 35 due to the three other seats due to death or D.

As mentioned above, the two parties are competing for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, dominated by Republicans by occupying 237 seats for 193 Democrats and 5 other vacant seats.

In the Senate, whose members are elected for six years and one third of the Council’s members every two years, the Republicans are dominated by a 51-seat majority versus 47 Democrats, plus two independents, who now count on Democrats.

Of the 100 seats, 23 are guaranteed for Democrats and 43 for Republicans, so the Senate conflict arena will be fierce, especially by Democrats, who should add three new seats and should not lose any of their current seats to ensure they get a majority.

In any case, polls suggest that Republicans will retain a majority in the Senate, if they cannot further strengthen it.

In contrast, polls suggest that Democrats will get a majority in the House of Representatives, but without losing sight of the fact that polls are sometimes going in the other direction of the voters ‘ own opinion.

It is recalled that elections in the Senate have two members per state, regardless of the population’s weight, while the House of Representatives elections are by direct suffrage in each of the 50 states, and each state has a number of members according to its population weight, for example, represents California has 35 members of the House because of its population weight, while other states have only one deputy, such as Alaska, Delaware and Montana.

Control is in the party’s House of Representatives, which has a majority of 218 seats.

while the U.S. voters cast their ballots in the U.S. midterm elections, renewing part of the U.S. Congress and state governors.

Under normal circumstances, the midterm elections of the U.S. Congress do not receive the attention of the world, which is usually accused of the results of the presidential election.

But the parliamentary elections, in which U.S. citizens will choose, Tuesday, all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate, seem to be of great international interest this time, with the exception of probably one country.

International attention to these elections can mainly be reflected in the policy of the administration of President Donald Trump, which is different from previous administrations, with its disputes and concerns.

In a report, the U.S. “CNBC” network saw the world watching the U.S. parliamentary elections as a referendum on the performance of the Trump administration and an indicator of populist’s growth internationally.

She pointed to a third reason, concerning the model of American democracy, which Washington’s allies feel has lost its attractiveness, and the Chinese use it to promote their political system as an alternative.

Crucial elections for Europeans

The US political researcher in London, Leslie Feingamori, says she receives questions on a daily basis about the elections differently than before, according to the US national radio, “Npr”.

The researcher, who works at the prestigious Chatham House Institute in London, said that British private sector employees are showing great interest in the elections.

The interest in the elections also applies to many European countries, and this is fueled by fears that Trump might run his back to NATO.

Many Europeans there want US voters to return at least the house to the Democrats, trying to limit Trump’s power.

The former British diplomat, Ian Bond, says the political circles in London are more than just elections, as they are a crucial indicator of the direction of the United States.

He added that if the Republicans achieve positive results, it means that Trump is not a “transient phase”, which means that Washington is in a position to help Europe in the event of crisis.

Chinese coup

Ahead of the US presidential election in 2016, China favored Trump’s victory over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as the latter was harshly critical of China’s human rights record.

Chinese officials believed that Trump was a business-minded man, who could negotiate with him and be easily satisfied, but disappointed, as he launched a trade war against Beijing earlier in 2018 and imposed tariffs of up to $250 billion on its merchandise, to respond.

Therefore, a coup d’état took place in the Chinese position, which wants the Democrats to perform strongly in the elections and strike a blow to Trump.

In an article published in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, Chinese researcher Anson A says that if Democrats make strong election results, it will force Trump to “soften” his position, adopt a more moderate approach, and change his previous style of imposing his policies.

Washington’s allies feel that the American democracy model has lost its appeal, while the Chinese are trying to exploit it to promote its political system as an alternative in both developing and developed countries, CNN said.

“The political model seems good to the world, so China’s demands on a new paradigm in political systems must be taken into account,” the US National Security Adviser to the former President George Bush Jr., Stephen Hadley, was quoted as reporting.

India is different

In a situation that is different to the rest of the world, India appears to be less interested in the midterm elections in the United States than in previous years.

“The Indian political researcher, Darfa Jaysdenial, says: In the past, there was considerable interest in the midterm elections by New Delhi, due to legislation with direct implications for India, “adding” most of the key issues between the two allied countries do not depend on the elections, according to the U.S. national radio.

Those issues in relations between New Delhi and Washington include tariffs on steel, sanctions on Iran, sanctions on countries that buy weapons from Russia, and immigration visas, issues that rely more on executive authorities in the United States than legislative authorities Represented by Congress.

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