Unravel the mystery of a village appearing once every year (PHOTOS)

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The village of Kurdy is located in the western Indian state of Goa, a village that can only be seen for one month each year; it disappears underwater for 11 months.

According to BBC , when the water is receding from the village, its indigenous people, now settled elsewhere, meet to celebrate in their old homes.

The village has not been in existence since 1986, as its inhabitants know; after the construction of the first dam in the state, the entire village was flooded.

The water is receding from the village in May/May each year, and the village land is fertile and most of its population, numbering about 3,000 people, is living there, ploughing rice fields surrounded by coconut trees, cashew, mangoes and carrots.

The villagers embrace the Hindu, Christian and Muslim faiths, and the village has a major temple, a church and an Islamic shrine.

Dayanand Banddkar, Prime Minister of the state, visited the village and announced the construction of the first dam in the state, gathering all residents of the village and telling them that it would benefit all of South Goa.

The population, who are more than 600 families, was forced to relocate to neighbouring villages and received land and compensation from the state.

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