US Green Card | Random Immigration Lottery “DVLOTTERY 2020”

We will explain to you the method of submission into American random migration LOTTERY “DVLOTTERY 2020”, after the State Department announced the start of the submission on the site of American immigration random draw 2020, and through this article will also explain to you the specifications of the image submission into the American Green Card 2020 and the required data, as well as the deadline for submission.

The US Department of State has announced that the DVLOTTERY 2020 will be open from Tuesday, October 2, 2018 until November 7, 2018. The random immigration visa program is conducted through an annual draw to obtain The permanent residence permit is registered from October and the result is announced in May the next year.

The US government grants 50,000 visas to eligible individuals.


Required data at the US Immigration DVLOTTERY 2020 website to obtain the Green Card

Name, Sex, Date of Birth, City of Birth, Country of Birth. Social status, email address, phone number, number of children and a personal photo.

The personal image of the application must be up-to-date and clear with white background, with no glasses or anything that obscures the eye. The US immigration image scale on the computer is 600 pixels in 600 pixels, Do not modify the image in Photoshop.

www.dvlottery.state. gov is The US Department of State’s random immigration lottery, which will open from October 3 to November 7, where you will be able to register without paying a fee, and then  will be the announcement of the result of the draw of the Green Card to America 2020.

The application is only available through the website, and is randomly selected by the computer for people who are not excluded. And the results are published in May 2019 on the same site.

the submission is free without any fee can anyone to log on the site and log the registration of data, but when registration for one person more than once change the personal picture each year in a modern way and who submits the same picture last year will be written off It is more important to give yourself a chance to win.

The American visa does not require you to master English at the beginning but certainly the language proficiency of the applicant can win a greater chance than others, and the visa includes the applicant for wife and children under the age of 21, and each family member is granted a permanent visa of his own To live, work and study, and to enjoy the rights to education, health and some of the rights of a citizen with citizenship.

In the end, the green card was defined as a US program organized by the United States to grant 50,000 opportunities to live and work in the United States.

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