few usese of cola you don’t know

There is no doubt that cola is the idle drink for many people, it is a partner of snacks, but it seems that it’s also used of strange and unexpected things.

1. rust removal :- cola has characteristics enable it to break up the rust particles, which makes cleaning is extremely easy via soak the pieces that hit rust throughout the whole night.

then rub it vigorously using a piece of cloth, and so get rid permanently from rust.

2. Prepare food can be also afield which Cola be enter into some food Techniques, for preparing chicken. the sugar found in cola spangle chicken’s special flavor.

3. in the case of exposure to bites from jellyfish using cola reduce the pain fast until receiving the necessary aid. It can also be used to kill slugs and snails!

4. Clean windows can be used by cola to clean the accumulated material on the windows of the car.

If you are a resident in one of the cold-weather states, it has a strange effect on melt the ice from glass of houses and cars.

5. polishing cooking pots to get rid of the black color output of a repeat of the cooking process, just put some cola in and left it on the back-burner for a few minutes and then wash it the usual way.

6. For stubborn stains on clothing and If you have any stubborn stains on rugs or carpet, pour a little of cola on them, and then quickly and repeatedly blot place Wash with soap and water and be amazed by the result.

7. It can also be used in the removal of hair dyes, and even chewing gum sticking into hair.

8. If you put a rat in a tub of cola probably will love it a lot and drinks it , but he will never be able to ignore the existing gas and die.

9. cola drink helps Plant to growth it increase the acidity of the soil and feed the micro-organisms in the soil . It is also fertilizer the grass and makes home garden vegetables more beautiful.

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