Valentine’s Day gifts are only for men in Japan!

Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated by many people on the 14th of February each year. Most countries in the world celebrate this day, even symbolically and informally, as this is the traditional day when lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s Day cards or gifting flowers or sweets to their loved ones according to the customs of each country, except in Japan, where women offer chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day.

Japanese women give gifts not only to their partners but also to friends and co-workers, and the gifts are chocolate. There are, of course, many stories about the beginning and root of the habit in Japan, one of which says that the beginning was in 1936 when chocolate maker Morozov first put an ad in an English-language newspaper “The Japan Advertiser” ad encouraging the gifting of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, while the other story says that in 1960 the chocolate maker Morinaga put up an ad entitled “Let’s give chocolate to the lover.” February in Japan became the month when chocolate swelled.

Over time, it has become customary for women to gift chocolate as an expression of feelings of love for men.

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