Video a Thief publish his thefts on Instagram

He became a famous thief through the photo and video go viral on Instagram, after he photographed himself stealing a house and posting the clip on his account. Then he wrote asking people, “What next robbery should I do?”

The thief carried a clip that he stole from a home TV, and another showing him taking away customer food at a fast-food restaurant.

The first video was released last month, where the man who called himself @ no.face.ryo showed up with a knife to steal a house, and then he showed up carrying a computer, and he heard the voice of someone else pictured talking to him.

But the thief and after taking the stolen device he destroyed it, as if his goal of theft is to publish on Instagram to attract followers.

A few months ago, a young American died with a bullet by his girlfriend, who asked her to aim at a huge book he was carrying to his chest. He was afraid that the bullet had penetrated the book and wanted to publish the clip on his account with YouTube.

It is believed that the burglaries of Instagram were photographed around several areas in the south of England, but it was not confirmed whether he was a real thief or merely a celebrity.

The man also published a clip that shows him rudely stealing a can of drinks from a shop before fleeing.

In stealing the KFC meal, the client chases him and calls him “silly”, but the thief survives his arrest and then shows up happily eating the meal.

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