video and photos of how gangster Radwan Al Fayed escape from French prison by helicopter

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International press reports published the first pictures and videos of scenes of the dramatic escape of French-Algerian gangster Radwan Al Fayed from a prison in Paris.

The French newspaper Le Figaro published a report confirming the escape of Al Fayed, 46, from Rowe prison in the Seine-Marne suburb east of the capital Paris, with the help of three of his companions, by helicopter before fleeing.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” clips and documented surveillance cameras in the French prison, which showed the helicopter flying outside the prison.

The videos also show the voices of the prisoners, chanting while the escape is taking place, while the guards are trying to jump to prevent crime while the helicopter is flying overhead.

Radwan was sentenced to 25 years in prison in April after he killed a policeman in 2010 during a robbery.

It is noteworthy that Radwan Al Fayed precedents in the escape operations was able in 2013 to escape from prison before being arrested by the police later.

French justice minister Nicole Beloube said the three Fayed assistants were like a well-trained commando unit and were likely to use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the area before carrying out the escape.

The helicopter landed in the courtyard of the prison at 11:30 pm local time, which was not covered by a protective net, at the time of Fayed’s brother’s visit. Two of them landed with the helicopter’s captain. The gunmen used smoke bombs to disperse the guards. They left his brother who was present to visit him.

The newspaper quoted sources as saying that the gunmen forced the helicopter commander to lead and carry out the escape, and then released him.

The French police arrested Al Fayed’s brother and subjected him to the investigation for information that could be useful in the search for him.

French police have revealed new details about the escape of the famous criminal Radwan Fayed from his prison in Paris via a helicopter.

According to the police, Fayed managed to escape with the help of four or five of his close and loyal friends when they broke the door of the prison visit room before using the helicopter to escape.

French Justice Minister Nicole Beloube rejected calls for her resignation over the scandal, and revealed that mobile phones had been smuggled into the prison since October.

Fayed fled on a helicopter that landed in the front yard of the prison, an area where prisoners are reportedly denied entry.

The gunmen on board the helicopter then broke the door of the visiting room where Fayed was meeting with one of his brothers.

The escape was completed within minutes, without injuries or hostage-taking, the Justice Ministry said.

Fayed described himself as a maniac with gangster films, which he believed taught him how to carry out robberies. He said in an interview with French magazine that he had seen the movie Heat 1995, seven times in the cinema and hundreds of times on a DVD to analyze the scene of an armored car hijack.

Thousands of French police are searching for Fayed, who has not appeared since his escape last Sunday.

Fayed, who is believed to be the leader of France’s organized crime group Felipe Verone, may have escaped abroad, police say.

“Initial observations lead us to believe that the commando unit of four or five people, all of whom are certainly not known and all are wanted for justice, are close friends and loyalists who have agreed to take risks and bear the consequences,” the police said.

Belobonne said after the incident that the group may have used drones for reconnaissance missions before the accident.

It was not the first time a prisoner was able to escape from prison by helicopter. The killer, Pascal Baiet, had twice done it, while Fayed’s escape sparked a controversy in France over the prison security.

“This is an exciting flight,” the French justice minister told reporters. The commando unit was well-equipped and possibly used drones to monitor the area before this operation. ”

Gunmen jumped off the plane to remove Fayed from the visitors’ hall where he was meeting with one of his brothers before escaping in the helicopter, it said.

A third gunman remained in the plane with the pilot, who was held as a hostage.

No one was hurt and police arrested Fayed’s brother. The pilot was released and the helicopter was found north of Paris as well as a car used in the escape.

Beloube said the police had begun a search and described Fayed as dangerous.

This was not the first time Fayed escaped from prison. In 2013, Fayed seized four guards hostage before he used dynamite to blow up a way out and escape a car waiting for him. He escaped for six weeks and changed his form before being arrested by police in a hotel with one of his accomplices.

After serving 10 years in prison, he was released on parole in 2009 after he convinced the surveillance officers that he had changed.

His fame has since increased since he appeared on several television programs and published books about his history and his conversion to a criminal on the outskirts of Paris.

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